Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Counting down the days

12 days to go and we will be boarding a plane to see our angel .
Would everyone please say a prayer for the judge on our case that he can see how much we already love this little girl and will give her a great life.
When I started the the adoption process I never doubted that I would love the child that was chosen for us I just knew I  would. But I did not realise you could fall this in love with a child you have only held a few times so FAST it is so true with adoption a baby may not grow in your belly but in your heart and she has. I feel the same way as I did with Lil Johnny and Paige you know like when you are about to deliver and you cant wait to hold them and love on them and take them home forever, well the same thing here I feel as if I'm DONE I'm ready to hold her,love her and bring her HOME.


  1. Yay!! A court date -- another step in your purchasing of a child!! Nothing like good ole americans spending upwards of $40k to buy a kid!!! Russian judges have been saying no o irresponsible yet godly folks hoping to adopt russian children -- like this family: ourheartforadoption.blogspot.com!!

    I sure hope your judge thinks of the oodles of Russian kids murdered and abused by the American adoptive parents who promised to care for them -- Nina hilt, chase Harrison, lil Nicolai emelyentsev and others (great list at poundpuplegacy.org).

    Surely you're praying that Russia will take better care of its littlest and most vulnerable citizens by implementing the Hague treaty, right? Even tho it's not likely to be ratified until after the us presidential elections this fall. You wouldn't be soooo selfish as to want to get your purchasEd child home noe (instead of next year) even if it would mean zillions of other Russian kiddos had fewer desperately needed protections, right????

  2. Praying your court date was a success!

  3. I just found your blog and hope all went great! We also adopted a little girl from Vlad :o) Please update when you can.