Thursday, May 3, 2012

Adoption showers

                                                      Adoption shower's for Ally Jade
A special thanks to Crystal,Anna and Tanya for the wonderful adoption showers.I got so many great gifts and had a great time with friends and family.We are so excited we will be boarding a plane in 16 days to head back to Russia to go to court and make everything official.30 days after that we will travel back to bring her home forever.Can't wait to get her home!!!!!! So If I am calculating correctly we will have her in our arms walking out of the baby home on June 25th.

1 comment:

  1. Hello from ENGLAND Bowen family,
    WOW!, that is SO great!!, you must be SOOOOooooo excited about your new Daughter!. My name is Shameme and I would adore to adopt one day (I have medical issues and so have decided that is the route I will take to be a Mom) and stories like yours just amaze me!!. Inspire me too, to keep on going!. I'de love to become friends so why not email me?
    Hope to hear from you!.
    If not all the very best!.

    Shameme x

    P.S. 'Somewhere out there a child awaits a home,
    Somewhere out there a home awaits a child
    -Adoption brings them together'