Monday, January 23, 2012

Today is the day

Today is the day! We leave for the orphanage in an hour.I have so many emotions right now I feel sick to my stomach it's been 13 months I have waited for this moment and it's now here.I wonder will she be scared of us?how will she react I pray that god has prepared her little heart for the changes she is going to be going through.
I will post later on how our first meeting goes.


  1. Gosh I remember that day so clearly! EXCITING! Get home and write everything down. She will probably be nervous and that is okay :-)

    Can't wait to hear!

  2. That first meeting is SO special! Praying it was a blessed first meeting! Looking forward to hearing more

  3. Christy it will be magical for you and your husband..she most likely will be a little nervous...that is sooo normal!! Each day you are with her will be better and better. The week goes way too fast! Hold her, kiss her, hug her, feed her and love her as much as you can...she needs all of this for many reasons as you do too. This time is the most special time and believe me she will remember you on when you come back..right now you are preparing her heart for family life and showing her for the first time what a mom and dad is...she will forever be changed by the time you spend with her this week. Hugs to you!